Awesome to meet you!

Simon looks friendly and sits on the floor with his MacBook. Apparently he can't afford an desk.

I am Simon and I do development stuff on the interwebs!

To be a little more precise: I am your partner in planing and developing web projects.

As a fullstack developer, I am specialized in Javascript Frontend Frameworks (Vue.js, React.js) and Laravel.

As a project manager, I use agile development techniques (Scrum, Kanban) ... and a lot of coffee ☕️.

A little story about me!

I've been working as web developer for over 10 years – and I love what I do.

My journey began by creating MySpace pages for metal bands whose lyrics were as hard to understand as their haircuts.

I finished my master's degree in Media Computer Science in Düsseldorf early 2018 with a final grade of 1.4 (about a 3.6 GPA, A-). I also taught students there as a tutor... trying to be the least confused person in the room.

I started working for the company DEKRA Media Gmbh as a Web-developer while a was still studying and joined after my master’s degree as a Project Manger and Teamleader of the eight-person web team.
I am especially proud of the successful relaunch of the company’s big SaaS product Dekra Safety Web - moving from a Typo3 to a modern, test-driven multi-tenant Laravel application with about a quarter of a million end-users.

Since 2021 I decided to become a full-time freelancer. Since then I worked for a lot of projects with different clients, teams and agencies. Big highlights were the project Müll nicht rum for the Rhineland-Palatinate state government, and relaunching the website of the famous concert hall Tonhalle Düsseldorf.

What I offer - and what not

I offer consulting, project management and web development. I am comfortable working as part of a bigger team and in a team lead position.

I work as a freelancer and am not looking for a full time job. Working together on a project for a certain timespan, and usually for 2-3 days in a week, is usually a good fit.

Unfortunately I can't (and quite frankly shouldn't) offer any services outside my expertise, even if I am familiar with a few more technologies. I also can't offer help with design, branding or the implementation of small portfolio websites. I am well-connected though and can help you find professionals for these tasks.

I am your perfect partner in planning, management and the development of complex web projects. I help to launch startups or to optimize and automate your processes, make workflows more efficient and reduce costs.

You can look at some examples of my work under projects or say hello to me under contact.

always happy to hear from you! :)